For those companies who want to investigate their websites or Internet connected networks further, this service offers you a great number of assessments attempting to exploit your company´s vulnerabilities with the same techniques and tools used by real attackers.

These Penetration Testing services include:

Penetration Test of Web Applications

Renowned international organizations such as OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) state that over the past years the main channel of security attacks has shifted from network infrastructure to web applications.

The main reason for this shift is that infrastructure hardware/software vendors are giving serious consideration to security recommendations for the development of their products, and the related configuration is safe in most cases since they follow the “least privilege” philosophy.

Furthermore, the hackers´developments, the new technology and the increased level of complexity in web applications; add a factor of constant change making it harder for web application developers to maintain a correct and convincing defense.

Companies using web application technology through insecure networks such as the Internet should consider the issue of security among their priorities to protect their image, reputation and assets.

Penetration Test of external and internal infrastructure

The final outcome of a security breach is really serious. This may give attackers the chance to obtain commercial and sensitive personal information.

The damage caused to the company´s reputation, image, and assets are countless, but at least It will bring a decline in revenues.

In severe cases, there could be a decline in the number of customers and even criminal investigation.

To reduce the risk of a security breach it is a good security practice to perform a penetration test, at least once a year, which should be carried out by a skilled individual or team.

Vulnerability Assessment

You can learn about our automated Vulnerability Assessment service by entering "Services" and then clicking on "Vulnerability Assessment".